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purple headshotFluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies

Sangini's favorite acting memory is being a part of the hit play Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies, which opened in Los Angeles, and after tremendous response, maintained a three year run, ending with winning performances in The New York International Fringe Festival.  Shortly after, it was filmed as a web series, reuniting the cast in Los Angeles.

“Even within that excellent cast, though, two actresses stand out. One is Sangini Majmudar, whose character Yvonne regularly swings from scarily aggressive to tenderly vulnerable in a heartbeat. In lesser hands, Yvonne could easily come off as a psycho; Majmudar, however, is so brilliant in the role (and a terrific dancer, to boot) that we can't help but adore her.”

Hy Bender,, NY Fringe Festival


“Sangini Majmudar does an excellent job playing the nuances of Yvonne's neuroticism and challenges the audience's sympathies with a sniffle or a well-timed crazy outburst.”

Lauren Snyder,, NY Fringe Festival


“Of the cast, standouts include Cooper, Gunn, Freed, and Majmudar (who also choreographed a wonderful dance piece for the cast), who deliver sharply funny performances without straying into slapstick.”

Tom Penketh,, NY Fringe Festival


“Sangini Majmudar (who's also responsible for the rollicking choreography) is riotous as a woman who gets a little too involved with the men she dates... gasp-for-air funny.”

Matthew Murray,, NY Fringe Festival


“And the winner of our “Best of the Fringe” is: Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies… good-to-great cast, especially Sangini Majmudar and Jenna Mattison.”

Barbara & Scott Siegel, The Siegel Column, NY Fringe Festival


“While they're all terrific, I must single out Sangini Majmudar as the quintessential psychotic, bi-polar date from hell -- an absolute tour de force of abnormal psychology and laugh out loud funny every second she was on the stage (she also did a nice job choreographing the big dance number that opens Act Two).”

Margo Channing,, NY Fringe Festival


“Sangini Majmudar’s Yvonne was the comic relief in an already funny play; she made some choices that seemed improvised, and in a show that relies more on timing and choreography than on plot, she was the most daring actor.  She led the cast in a gratuitous dance sequence at the top of the second act that was as hilarious as it was unnecessary.”

Frank Martin, Comedy LA


“A decidedly smitten, sexually schizophrenic Yvonne is played to the convincing hilt by Majmudar.”

Julio Martinez, Daily Variety


“Act Two opens with just such a brilliantly out-of-place bit of Terpsichore, choreographed by lead dancer Sangini Majmudar, who plays a hilariously unhinged romantic in the first act, then seizes the moment to illuminate the lunacy of modern-day dating through dance.”

Diane Haithman, The Los Angeles Times


“It takes a seasoned actor to pull off the highs and lows of a character like Yvonne.  It takes an exceptionally brilliant actor to also win the hearts of the audience while doing so.  Sangini Majmudar does that and more; her one-of-a-kind stamp on this role is awe-inspiring.”

Marie Inabamara, West Hollywood News


“Majmudar especially sparkles, in her impressive, charmingly unnecessary dance moment.”

Wenzel Jones, Backstage West



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