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Sangini is a wonderful instructor full of life and energy.  No matter what level you are, or think you are, she is warm and inviting and makes you feel that you can reach far beyond your own self imposed limitations.  I would highly recommend her as an instructor.
She uses a veritable plethora of music to inspire and invigorate, and her enthusiasm for dance radiates through to make any class entertaining and enjoyable. Please be aware that you will get an amazing dance workout!  Sangini makes the classes fun, but she also means business.  I would give her 5 stars anytime.

Brennan Foti, student of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center tap class

Sangini has never failed to add her exceptional skill, creativity and passion into her teaching.  She has a one-of-a-kind connection with people and I can honestly say there is no better dance teacher or role model for students.  The kids ADORE her.

Gayle Baigelman, former director of Creative Space, Los Angeles, CA

As you know, teachers can come and go, and it takes something more than just time and energy to establish a successful new dance class.  Beautiful Sangini has such a winning personality and encouraging teaching style that her classes were a hit from the start.  Her responsible nature seals the deal; for the past ten years, she has always started her classes on time and never canceled a lesson without personally notifying each of her students (in plenty of time).  All of us at The Hollywood Dance Center miss her warm and happy spirit, but I trust that some lucky Palo Alto studio now has the pleasure of having Sangini in their midst, passing on her love of dance to her students.

Pam Phillips, ballet instructor and owner of The Hollywood Dance Center


Sangini, I really did enjoy your show!  It's quite obvious that your students learn much more from you than just how to dance... you've taught them that the beauty is in letting go and trying... It's food for the spirit.  That alone says more about the meaning of the holidays than anything I could buy!  Thanks again for asking me to your show!!!  Big Hug, Jep

Jep Hill, audience member of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center recital


I especially don't know how to thank Miss Sangini.  She is the best teacher and role model I could ever ask for.  She is more than a dance teacher, she inspires me to achieve great things and commit myself to excellence, while having fun at the same time.  Thank you, Miss Sangini, I love you.

Imelda Rodriguez, graduate of Cesar Chavez Academy


YOU ARE AWESOME!  This is easily the best after-school activity I've ever seen.  I was so impressed by how it was so much more than just hip hop - confidence building, comraderie, discipline, and fun - you really had it all.  Simryn's enjoyment of the school is significantly higher because of you.  Thank you!  By the way, the brownies were pretty awesome too :)

Sanjiv Patel, parent at Bowman International School

Sangini is the most fun and enthusiastic teacher my children have ever had!  The kids dance, laugh, and learn valuable life lessons because of this extraordinary teacher!  My kids love to dance because Sangini makes it so much fun.

Jill El Fishawy, parent at Bowman International School


Not  only is Sangini a true " pro " at her craft, but she has the uncanny ability to create a sense of camaraderie, fun and accomplishment in each class.  Wow!              

Myra G. Mossman, student of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center tap class  


How fortunate I am to have such an inspiring teacher. Sangini's classes are a real treat--she makes it all seem so effortless, and at the end of class, I can't wait until the next one!

Jane Gilman, student of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center tap class


Our daughter absolutely loved the Hip Hop class, and especially “Miss Sangini”.  After watching her with the children it is easy to see why.  Sangini exudes a happy, positive energy that the kids respond to.  We’re looking forward to next year’s class – learning cool new dance moves and having fun!

Lisa Milne, parent at Escondido Elementary


Thanks Sangini--it was a great show.  It was impressive how you got all those kids organized, coordinated, and dancing!  Congratulations!  Charlotte LOVES hip hop with you...

Irene Au, parent at Bowman International School


Miss Sangini,

Liam really enjoys your class.  He does martial arts also, and there is a lot of overlap that he felt very comfortable with (stretching, jumping, punching).  Liam absolutely adores you (and your family stories) and loves the class.  Thank you so much for holding a wonderful class like this.  We will definitely join you for the next session. 

Sun-Inn, parent at Bowman International School


Cassiel’s dance for the Talent Show was great!  It was wonderful to see how relaxed and confident she can be. It’s been the best dance experience she’s had.  And you were so wonderful and flexible for Iris and her Talent Show group.  We love the choreography—it made such a difference!  It’s just at the level the girls can get.  There is something very nice about so many girls with different ages.  You enhanced that with the dance; you came up with a great combination of moves that were significantly different from each other.  The girls were so happy and excited.  Thank you!

Elizabeth Pirrotta, parent at Escondido Elementary


Hip-hop is one class my daughter refuses to skip no matter what! And after I met Sangini and saw her teaching the kids I understood why -- I wanted to enroll myself! Thanks for a great and fun class!

Reena Kapoor, parent at Bowman International School


Thank you so much for continuing to bring your fantastically fun Hip Hop class to Bowman!  Erin absolutely loves you and your hip hop class!  It has helped build her confidence and has brought her out of her shell.  You would have never guessed that she was the 5 year-old girl that didn’t talk to anyone the first month of school.  She practices her moves at home ALL THE TIME, especially when a show is nearing.  She puts on rehearsal performances for us at home.  It’s quite entertaining to see how enthusiastic she is in every turn and hip swing; the smile on her face is so contagious.  You know how to get these kids to go beyond their comfort zone to try fun new moves even when they feel embarrassed to try something new.  And I think engaging the kids by incorporating Fat Albert and Finnigan stories into the class is genius--Erin loves to hear stories about those two cats!  She will definitely continue the class; put her on top of the signup list!

Jennifer Snyder, parent at Bowman International School


Hi, Miss Sangini!  Here is what we have to say:

Lainey:  I like Miss Sangini and Hip Hop because I like Miss Sangini's high heels and I love when she yells " Right foot, left foot, jump, clap, go, go go!" 

Jane:  My daughter looks forward to hip hop class each and every week. Miss Sangini's enthusiasm for life, children and dance is so contagious; it's an incredible confidence booster for my daughter!

Lainey Germain, student and Jane Germain, parent at Escondido Elementary


Hi Sangini!  I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to read your mail.  You have very kind words for our family and I really appreciate it. I had wanted to write to you because the girls loved the class.  They told me of their favorite steps from the class and you bet both had more than one :)  They are game for a class every day.  Thanks very much for making it so fun for them.  Warmly, Bhawna

Bhawna Guglani, parent at Escondido Elementary


My daughter loves Sangini!  Sangini motivates her and provides an upbeat and positive room for my daughter to express herself.  Sangini teaches great tap technique with plenty of fun mixed in!  My daughter always leaves her class with a smile!

Gina Lynn, parent of a private tap lesson student at The Hollywood Dance Center


Hi Sangini!  It is always a pleasure seeing you!  You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met, always so positive and full of energy! Alyssa sincerely thinks the world of you, and loves your class. Take care and have a wonderful summer!

Sandi Cano, parent at Escondido Elementary


Sangini helped me rediscover my joy of dancing as an adult.  Her hip-hop class was a perfect place to reconnect with my dancing roots, get a super workout, and enjoy a totally encouraging and unconditional atmosphere--all while having a blast.  I'm in for every session; Sangini's energy is contagious and inspiring!

Jennifer Mutz, student of Sangini's Friday morning adult hip-hop class


Sangini!  I am so impressed by your class!  At the end-of-session show at Bowman, I was amazed by what Bella was doing.  It was the most thoroughly we’d seen her participate in anything.  Great job motivating the kids!

Eugene Gershtein, parent at Bowman International School


Hi Sangini!  Your class was amazing! Alya had so much fun and has been raving about all the great dance moves!;-)  Thanks!!!

Jessica, parent at Escondido Elementary


Sangini !  Thank you so much for the fun-filled Thursday class.  My girls, Alexis and Alana, really loved it and have been rhythmically bopping around our home ever since.  Please add us to your "official" roster and thanks ever so much !

April House, parent at Escondido Elementary


Anju has such a great time in your class.  She even tries to practice a little when we got home. :)  THANK YOU.

Sandy Jain, parent at Escondido Elementary

Hi, Sangini!  About your class:  Zach says, "It's cool!" 

I say:  “I wish that class was offered when I went to El Carmelo!!”  (Never mind what year that was, LOL!)

Nancy Bain, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Wow!   What an awesome dance class!! Thank you for this after school program!! A great new activity at El Carmelo!! Check it out, and bring your dancin' shoes… It is great.  Thanks for making this happen.  Carrie

Carrie Manley, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Thanks for this class!  Maya had lots of fun and took the stretching instruction to heart (which is great)!

Dahna, parent at El  Carmelo Elementary


Andy really loves the class!

Kyrie Robinson, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Hi Sangini:  You betcha we'll be signing up again! My girls LOVE Hip Hop! Thank you so much for your time, energy, and caring patience!  Sincerely, Laura

Laura Schneider, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Hi Sangini!  Stephanie would like to join you again for the next session.  She loves your class!

Mary Lou Meeks, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Miss Sangini has a natural talent for working with young children. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her classes and her Fat Albert and Finnigan stories, and has even turned her parents and baby brother into hip-hop enthusiasts.

Divya Vijayaraghavan, parent at Bowman International School


We can't wait for more hip-hop next year!

Megan Fogarty, parent at El Carmelo Elementary


Hip Hop is awesome is because you can learn some awesome moves with a fantastic teacher!  If you make a mistake Miss Sangini reminds you there is always a way to fix it.  Miss Sangini is a great hip hopper and a rockin' teacher!  Thank you Miss Sangini for all the time you spent helping me in Hip Hop class!

Michaela Fogarty, student at El Carmelo Elementary


Hi Miss Sangini!  My girls have been doing their routine from class in the living room – they are having the best time.  I am so thrilled because they can be “slow to warm” in a lot of situations!  Thanks for making it so fun for them.  And the adult class--this is the best workout!  The music and energy of the class is great.  Don’t worry if you think you are not a “hip-hopper.”  This class is about having fun and anyone and everyone is made to feel welcome.  Sangini is warm, enthusiastic and a great teacher!

Colleen Dunn Hall, parent at El Carmelo Elementary, and student of Sangini’s Friday morning adult hip-hop class


Thank you for those brownies!  Wow, that is SO very sweet of you, Sangini.  You are always thinking of others, and Carolyn will be thrilled to know you packed brownies especially for her, since she missed the recital.  We thought about you and missed you today, too!  As a matter of fact, Carolyn did a tiny little bit of hip hop dance today for us and her friend, just for fun, in honor of the last day she was missing.  Hugs, Nancy and Carolyn

Nancy Smith, parent at Fairmeadow Elementary


Thank you, Sangini!  We had such a fun time at the show, and Sofie has LOVED your class.  We heard from Lisa, Kate's mom, that you may be having a summer class or two, and Sofie would love to take it.  Hope we can see you then!  Thanks again, Kristen

Kristen Anderson, parent at Escondido Elementary


Thank you for such a great class last week. Jade really loved it. Your energy is amazing! Jade will continue with the class--looking forward to seeing all the great moves you are teaching.  Maybe I'll pick up a few as well.

Amy Love, parent at El Carmelo Elementary, and student of Sangini’s Friday morning adult hip-hop class


Dear Sangini,

If I have to pick one from all my favorite teachers, I will pick YOU!  I always tell my friends how special my tap teacher is.  I love your class so much.  You are always so energetic.  And I also feel there's lots of love in your heart.  Trust me, good luck will always follow you.  I am leaving to go back to Taiwan next week, but you know what?  My intuition tells me that this won't be the last class I have from you.  Anytime I come back to LA, I will always go to your class.  And I wish next time when I come back to LA, I can bring friends to tap together, let them experience your energy.  By the way, you are a great woman, too.  I think you deserve a very, very nice man.  Love, PeiChen

PeiChen, student of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center tap class (before she met her husband Ilja!)


Sangini's choreography was perfect for our Sangeet! She seamlessly weaved music, skill level, and fun into our performance.  Thank you SO MUCH, Sangini!

Ayla Vain, student of Sangini’s Friday morning adult hip-hop class/private lessons

Sangini's class is awesome! She is so full of fun energy. It is the most fun way to get a work out!

Kathleen Pasin, student of Sangini’s Friday morning adult hip-hop class


Wow, Sangini, thanks so much!  I have to say that your class has been so motivating for me.  Not only is it FUN, FUN, FUN, but I always feel so great afterward.  The music is awesome, and your energy is totally inspiring.  Thanks for doing this for us old curmudgeon moms -- you make us feel younger -- and better!

Karole Nylander, student of Sangini’s Friday morning adult hip-hop class (and NOT a curmudgeon in the slightest!)


Hey Sangini!  Thanks so much for the recital, it was super fun.  It was awesome for my sister Molly and I to be in it together.  My parents and friends were really excited about it and so impressed (they all said that everyone danced great and looked SO HAPPY).  It all came together so wonderfully and everyone had the BEST time.  We look forward to your class every week. Thanks so much.  You're the best.  Happy holidays.  xoCorinne

Corinne, student of Sangini’s Hollywood Dance Center tap class


Regardless of where we are, Leo & Maya are always dancing! When asked where they learned how to do certain moves the twins always credit Miss Sangini's Hip-Hop class!

Evelyne Monjoin, parent at Bowman International School


Nothing can ever please me more than to know that our Sangini is planting character roots in others.  These roots, like I have learned from my father’s and my own experience, grow like the proverbial giant bean stalk. You will be in their memory forever and that is how I define immortality.  May God bless you and indeed we are all very, very proud of you. You can see how a pinch of calcium and a pitcher of herbal tea goes a long way! Hearty congratulations!  DAD.

Dr. Bhagirath Majmudar, Sangini’s father


My Talented Beauty,

Although you had told me all about the awesome impact of yesterday’s recital, it was something else to hear it straight from an onlooker's eyes!!!  My hats off to my baby, you not only have a HUGE talent but a way with people and especially students.  The spirit of dancing is what comes naturally to you and the spirit of God is transparent in how you impart what is given by God to you.  That's how you leave footprints in the hearts of your students and those whose paths you cross in life.  I am so terribly sorry we are so far away and cannot see you do perform your miracles, though we have had a glimpse of that teaching ability when Dad and I came to L.A. last time.  Keep dancing with your heart and keep teaching and touching lives and molding young minds and building characters--that's what counts MORE than any material success, glamour, money, name and fame.  And I do have FAITH that if you pursue something with all your passion, work hard and be persistent, God has a way of making things happen.  Give yourself a BIG HUG for me.  Your Proud Mom

Dr. Uma Majmudar, Sangini’s mother




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